5 Tips to Help You Eat Low GI Out

By Olivia Mungal

Restaurant dining is one of the finest pleasures available. Even for those who do like to cook, enjoying the culinary mastery of somebody else is often refreshing. Here are some tips to help you eat Low-GI when you are eating out:

1) Stay Away from Buns or Sandwiches

Just taking the bread off of a grilled chicken sandwich can save your blood sugar from spiking. Instead, treat yourself to lots of healthy toppings and protein-rich foods like lean meat or fish. Vegetable dishes are also a good way to go!

2) Avoid potatoes

Yes, potatoes and french fries are America’s favorite side, but white potatoes are incredibly starchy and typically loaded with added oils or fats when cooked.

3) Stay Away From Chips or Breads

Lots of restaurants do it. They bring out bread and biscuts with butter, or chips with salsa or ranch dressing so you can graze before your meal gets there. Don’t do it. Instead, check for vegetable options, like carrots or celery. Even appetizers like fresh spring rolls make excellent substitutes to “filler” foods.


4) Fill Up With a Brothy Soup Before Your Meal

Instead of letting yourself get too ravenous, ordering a broth-based soup can help you fill your stomach while you wait.


5) Order a Salad or Side Salad Before Your Meal

Eating a bowl of salad, however small, can help you ward off High-GI alternatives as you wait for your meal.