3 Common Ailments In Women

Sorry fellas, but this one is for the ladies! In honor of Women’s Health Month, we are going to talk about common diseases that afflict women.  Unfortunately, as we get older, our bodies are more prone to develop certain diseases. Here are the 3 most common illnesses:

Heart Disease
This is the leading cause of death of women. One out of four women in America passes away from a heart related disease. Sadly, heart disease is usually under-diagnosed due to the fact that certain symptoms are specific to women and are more subtle than typical warning signals.
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Please girls, do what you can to reduce your risk. Exercise regularly, do not smoke, eat lots of fruits and veggies, maintain a healthy weight, keep your blood pressure under control and get tested for diabetes as you get older.

While breast cancer is the most common type cancer that women develop, but lung cancer is the top cause of death in women.

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Again, there are a few things you can do to prevent cancer and your exposure to smoking or secondhand smoke. It’s hard to quit, but it’s so worthwhile to your wallet and more importantly, your health. Get regular pap smears, practice safe sex,  protect your skin by using sunscreen and staying out of the sun during peak hours, and also be aware of your family’s history of cancer. Again, make sure to exercise and maintain a healthy diet.

How often do you see the elderly walking with a hunched over back? It seems to be the norm that as we get older, we tend to shrink. This disease affects more than 25 million Americans—mainly women.
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Prevention is key with this ailment since it is hard to replace bone that is lost. You are never too young to start thinking about osteoporosis—get in an exercise routine and stick with it and sooner you start eating healthy, the better. If you are middle-aged, don’t think it’s too late to start either. Exercise helps to increase bone mass before menopause and helps to reduce bone loss after menopause.Get exercising ladies!
Be sure to get a generous amount of calcium in your diet—this is essential in preventing osteoporosis. This can be done by consuming things like dairy products, leafy greens, seafood, nuts, or by taking a calcium supplement. Most women get a good portion of their daily calcium through a supplement.

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How do you stay healthy, ladies?