TLS Tuesdays: Lisa White

Lisa White was never concerned with nutrition. As a child, she became overweight as result of a diet high in fatty and greasy foods. She even admits, “I fried and deep-fried basically every type of meat there is.” Lisa never even considered adding fruits and vegetables to her diet until her health took a turn for the worse.

As a teenager Lisa was diagnosed with hypertension, and was put on medication for high blood pressure. Societal pressure pushed her to many different diets but couldn’t stick to any of them. After being a Market America distributor for a few months, Lisa was then introduced to TLS Weight Loss Solution.


Knowledge was all Lisa needed to make the healthy change. Immediately after adopting her new healthy lifestyle, Lisa’s life began to change. In the 12 week Find Your Fit Challenge, Lisa lost 30lbs, 15 inches off her waist, and is now 6 pant sizes smaller. In a recent checkup, her doctor was both shocked and pleased that she had lowered her blood pressure tremendously. The knowledge and support that the TLS Weight Loss Solution provided, has helped Lisa live a healthy lifestyle.