A Fight to The Finish


When it comes to weight loss, first-time successes are often hard to find. The problem for many is that when results don’t come easily, discouragement grows, and can make it so they won’t come at all.

For others, however, lessons are learned, resolve is strengthened, and the fight goes on. Prior to finding TLS, Laurie Roberts had been bravely fighting the weight loss battle, but her victories had only been temporary. Her main issue with maintaining a healthy bodyweight is one that many can identify with: the vicious cycle known as Yo-Yo Dieting.

“I had lost 100 pounds TWICE before in 1993 and 2003 only to regain it again…the pain of gaining 100 pounds three times in my lifetime was unbearable and mortifying. I had no energy, chronic daily heartburn, frequent night sweats and headaches.”

Although she was still willing to fight, what Laurie was really in need of was a new strategy.  Luckily, she made contact with a TLS Coach, who told her about the Find Your Fit 2013 Spring Challenge, giving her a brand-new source of motivation!

“I made a decision to do it and commit 100 percent – cheating was not an option! I made HEALTH my number one priority and have never looked back. Since TLS, my life looks completely different than it did 3 months ago. It has been the most transformative experience…I am taking the four TLS accelerators and they propelled me to achieve my goals. I also found the journaling and online tools helpful. I could not have done it without the support of my weekly coaching sessions.”

With her own determination, the support of her Coach, and the proven effectiveness of TLS Weight Loss Solution, Laurie’s results were very impressive. Over the course of just 12 weeks, she lost an amazing 48 pounds!

As fantastic as these results are on their own, Laurie’s got her fighting spirit back, and is determined to carry this battle to the finish: “Since I am only halfway to my goal, I will continue the Rapid Results plan and supplements until I reach my goal. Being fit is more than just a photograph – it‘s about how strong I feel emotionally and the state of my inner health. I am fit from the inside out thanks to TLS!”

It’s been said that if you can learn from defeat, then you haven’t really lost. Proof of that can be seen in Laurie’s inspiring story of extraordinary resolve, persistence, and eventual success with TLS Weight Loss Solution!