Resolution Revolution

by Anna Cobb

What is the recurrent New Year’s resolution that seems to always make your list?  The Sydney Morning Herald reports that half of Australians make resolutions for the New Year, but only 12 percent are able to follow through.

Many of these resolutions are health related, specifically losing weight.  Perhaps you have made a few or even countless resolutions to change yourself for the better, but year after year they seem to get pushed aside.  Here are some ways to reach your weight loss goals:

Make your health a priority
Look through your planner to find opportunities to work out and write it down.  Instead of vaguely writing ‘gym’ or ‘walk dog’, be specific and write ‘yoga’, ‘zumba’ or ‘take an adventure with the dog.’

Take smaller steps
Do not overwhelm yourself.  Break down your goals and remember you are not perfect.  A misstep does not mean you should give up.  In fact, a misstep can help you to refocus.

Chart your progress
If you record your progress, then you can look back to see how far you have come.  Even small successes are a success.Have some fun
Dance, play volleyball, go to yoga, walk or run to support a cause…whatever you do, have fun.Another way to stay on track is with TLS from Market Australia.  TLS is a complete, science-based system that allows you to reach and sustain your weight loss goals.  It educates you on the proper portions, supplements and exercises to create a stronger, healthier you.  Take the steps to let TLS help you follow through the New Year as a new you!Anna Cobb is an intern at Market America, and works in the Product Management Department. She is currently studying at UNCG and is majoring in Communication and Business Administration.