The Transformation of Denee James

Denee James was lost.  Not only had she fought years of health problems—enough to require surgery—but her only child had just left home for college.

Growing older and overweight, the pounds were coming much easier with each year that passed.  With so many changes staring her in the face, she needed someone to reach out to.  Fortunately, that someone was there to steer her towards a whole new way of life: her sister, Cherie.

“Not only is she a wonderful sister; she is an even more wonderful TLS coach!  Cherie shared with me how beneficial she thought the TLS program and the Isotonix nutritional supplements would be for me given all the challenges that I was facing… I began the TLS program and a new way of life.”

With support and encouragement from her sister, Denee was ready to tackle any challenge standing in her way.  After ‘surviving’ the detox stage, she was beaming with confidence.

“I was losing FAT!  My face looked thinner, my hands were no longer puffy and swollen, and I actually had energy for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.  I was hooked and determined that I was going to continue no matter what.”

The seed was planted in just a week.  The idea of a new person, a new body, was no longer an illusion.  Not only did it help her physically, but also did wonders for her emotionally!  She began to embrace TLS as a lifestyle and not just a diet.  A shift in her mind had taken place, and consequently, so did a shift in her body.

In only five months, Denee became a brand new person— healthier, fitter, and 40 pounds lighter!  Her own doctor didn’t even recognize her anymore!

“When I went to my physician for my annual exam… he thought I was a new patient—AMAZING!  I suppose to a very real extent, he was right because, thanks to TLS, I do feel like a ‘new’ me!”

A new mindset, new body, and a new outlook on life— Denee is truly an inspiration.

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.”