Meal Prepping

We all have those days where we stay late at work, have errands to run afterward, and just want to satisfy our growling stomachs with the most convenient food option. Unfortunately, that option is usually fast food.

It’s easy to fall into a habit of eating for convenience. Instead, one thing I’ve been trying to make a habit of is meal prepping.

For me, dinner preparation has so much importance because it is the most likely meal that I will fail to make nutritious. Long days lead to tired nights—when I just don’t feel like cooking, or making the healthy choices.
Here are a few tips I’ve used that might help keep you on track, as well:

Make a plan. Create a list of what you will be eating for the week.

Invest in good Tupperware. Heavy duty should do the trick.

Buy a food scale. You will see portion sizes in a whole new light.

Use your measuring cups. We all like to think we’re good at eyeballing, but let’s just leave it up to the ‘professionals.’

Cook everything at once. Use your oven and stove top in a sort of assembly line fashion.

Add some color. Mix it up, and ‘eat with your eyes.’

Use meats that won’t go bad. Turkey and chicken are your best bets here. If you’re prepping seafood, make sure to eat it within the first couple of days.

Keep it simple. No need to be extravagant.
What are some tips/tricks that help keep you on track during the week? Share them with us in the comments section below.