10 Low-GI Snack Ideas for the Workweek

Eating well during the workweek can be difficult, but it’s easy to do with prior planning. Since we’ve covered meal planning in an earlier blog post, I wanted to share a few low-glycemic index snacks to help you stay on track no matter how busy your week may be!

Read on for 10 quick, tasty and convenient low-GI snack options below.

1. String cheese

2. Hard boiled eggs

3. A handful of walnuts or almonds

4. Air-popped popcorn

5. Vegetables with hummus dip

6. A medium-sized apple

7. 1/3-cup dried apricots

8. 1 cup of fruit salad

9. Sliced tomato with mozzarella cheese and basil

10. Greek yogurt topped with berries

What are your favorite low-GI snacks? Share them below!

Written by: Jennifer Hambric, Social Media Writer and Blogger at Market America|SHOP.COM.