Workouts Trending Now

Just like the latest fashion craze, there always seems to be new trends popping up in the fitness world as well. By now, you have all probably heard of CrossFit which, by definition[1], is a “regimen of constantly varied (CV), functional movements (FM) performed at high intensity (@HI) in a communal environment leads to health and fitness.”

Trying new workout classes helps keep gym time fun and exciting. If your current routine has started to bore you, check out some of these trendy gym classes below!

Barre – Rooted in ballet, barre emphasizes small movements to tone and lengthen muscles. Body weight is used for resistance and (in my case, thankfully) no rhythm or dance experience is required.

Body pump – “The original LES MILLS™ barbell class”, follows what they call “THE REP EFFECT™”. What this means is you will be lifting relatively light weights, but with a great deal of repetition. BODYPUMP™ provides a total body workout thanks to all the squatting, lifting, pressing, and many other barbell based moves. Paired with great music, this class will help you get lean, plus you feel awesome when you finish a workout!

SoulCycle – Founded in NYC in 2007, this unique variation of an indoor cycling class has experienced rapid growth. Popular among celebrities, SoulCycle classes are 45 minutes and packed with incredibly fun moves.

Zumba – A Latin-inspired cardio dance class. For those of you who like to get your groove on, this is the class for you! Not only will you work up a sweat during a Zumba class, you will have tons of fun!


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