Funny Parody Videos to Help You Make it Through a Gym Workout

by Sarah Cusick

If you’re anything like me, you could use some distraction during your long, excruciating cardio workout! To take the edge of this intense part of my day, I’ve started watching music videos with a twist—either parodies or crazy covers of familiar songs. Now the stationary bike ride and the stair-climber aren’t so bad because I’m singing (in my head usually, but out loud sometimes) and I’m laughing all the way through my cardio. Plus laughing burns calories, too!

Check out my favorite parody videos for a crazy good time of cardio workout (about 20 minutes) below!

Warm up: “Aicha” by GellieMan. GellieMan gets you going with a minute and a half of Casio keyboards, awesome subtitles, and the true pain of both young love and awkward dancing. Start slow — and don’t pull a muscle laughing too hard. (1:31)

Get going: Step it up a notch with Weird Al Yankovic’s “Tacky,” a parody of Pharrell’s “Happy,” featuring some well-known comedic cameos and clever-as-always lyrics. (3:01)

Keep moving:  If Outkast is up your alley, then Crazy Al Cayne’s“Hey Ya!” spoof “Gangsta” will keep you moving and cackling, basically forgetting you’re exercising at all. (3:41)

Take it up a notch: Weird Al comes in for another appearance with “Word Crimes,” a grammar lesson disguised as a Robin Thicke knockoff. Learn all about contractions, homophones, spelling rules, and dangling participles, but never miss a beat on your elliptical or treadmill. (3:45)

Slow down and take a breather: The Key of Awesome’s “Royalswill reset your body and your mood with silly lyrics and a solid backbeat. Slow it down a little, sip on some water, but try not to spit it out when you hear the unexpected crazy one-liners sprinkled throughout this royally funny parody. (2:24)

Pick it up: Lonely Island writes original material, spoofing the music industry in general. “I’m On a Boat” features rapper T-Pain and an appearance by Rihanna—as a mermaid. (3:08)

Cool down: Take it easy with this Alanis parody “It’s Finally Ironic” by Eliza and Rachael Hurwitz who “fixed it for you, Alanis. You’re welcome.” Relax. You’re finally done with cardio—and that’s not ironic. (4:34)