The Reversal of Leptin Resistance

Over the past several years many of you have read more and more about the hormone Leptin and its relation to reduced ability to lose weight.  Leptin is a hormone produced in fat cells. When released it triggers an area in the brain that increases fat burning.  This keeps weight stable and prevents obesity.  However, with poor diet, exercise, and stress management, one becomes resistant to the signal. This increases body fat.

How can you tell if you are leptin resistant?  Look in the mirror.  If you are more than 25-35 pounds over- weight, you are probably Leptin Resistant (LR).  If you are overweight and still have a large appetite and crave carbohydrates, especially in the evening you are probably LR.  You can even get a blood test.  Just adding reasonable exercise and less simple carbohydrates may be enough for some people.  But for many who have struggled with yo-yo dieting, they need a different way to reset LR.

A strict Low Glycemic Index (LGI) diet is a good place to start.  Metabolism is historically and biochemically is set by sunlight and sleep and wake cycles.  Eat within 30 minutes of waking. Protein and good fats, i.e. coconut oil (MCT). The Medium Chain Triglyceride oil helps with stomach digestion and weight loss.  NO Grains for breakfast. Eat three meals per day, with appropriate vegetables as a between meal snack if you need additional food.  Give yourself time to use up stored energy in the form of glycogen.  Glycogen usually has a 4 hour window of how long it takes to go through its storage.  Only then you can begin on the breakdown un-needed fat stores.  Do not work out before or after breakfast.  It may be tempting to work out before breakfast, however it pulls more energy out of your muscles and not from fat.   Try to allow 4-5 hours between dinners and sleep time.  If you decide to incorporate working out, do it after 5 PM.  To assist with rest, within an hour of sunset try to make your surroundings as dark as possible.

Reducing your simple sugars and eating the Low Glycemic Index way with moderate physical exercise will start the progression to lessen the burden on your body that keeps leptin high, and fat unburned.  If you still struggle with weight issues, then seeking the assistance of a person skilled in weight management and utilization of supplements that could help your normal physiology be kick started may be necessary.
As always, check with your physician if you have any medical issues, before beginning strenuous activity.  Especially if you are deconditioned from poor pre-diet activity.