Peanuts May Help Reduce Body Mass Index (BMI)

A study conducted by the University Of Houston determined that eating a snack of peanuts may help to reduce the BMI of children at risk for obesity.

Researchers evaluated the effects of healthy snacking on BMI in middle school students. The study consisted of two groups of students, one group received a snack of peanuts or peanut butter 3-4 times per week, while the other group did not.

What researchers found supports the TLS philosophy that healthy fats promote weight loss. “Children in the high snacking adherence group demonstrated significantly greater decreases in BMI at six months compared to the children in the low snacking adherence group.”1

This study has valuable information that we can all use, regardless of age. When you choose snacks that are nutrient dense, you will stay fuller for longer, and thus are less likely to binge on unhealthy snacks later in the day.

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