Top 5 TLS Tips

By: Sue Pasqual

The first tip to always remember is WHY you started.  How did it make you feel to have to take your before pictures? Those feelings are what will help you move forward.  The second tip is to plan because you don’t plan of failing, but failing to plan can cause your goals to take a back seat.  Plan the times you’ll exercise, prep foods, shop for foods and of course having some you time! Thirdly, commit to following TLS as it is laid out.  Don’t skip a component.  There are 4 of the (low GI eating, improving body composition with exercise, supplementation, and education) for a reason.  These 4 components are what will help you.  The fourth tip is to share your journey.  Whether it be with co-workers, friends, family or social media, sharing your story will help you stay focused and help others to not tempt you. Lastly, remember you are worth it.  Although your job, family, children etc. are important, you are important too.  Don’t stop your journey because of others!