MAWC 2018: TLS Recap with Sue Pasqual

By: Sue Pasqual

Time surely flies by, but like everything good that happens, memories are made.  As I was sitting on my flight home from Market America’s 2018 World Conference (MAWC 2018), I could not help but smile and reflect on the impact the weekend had on me and so many people I spoke to.

Sharing a weekend with 25000 positive and energetic entrepreneurs would put a smile on anyone’s face.  I am sure everyone had their take-a-way and “a-ha” moments, but for me, it was a number of collective moments.
The technology and advancements Market America brings forward are second to none, and just when you think it can’t get any better – it does.  I guess that’s what happens when the founder of the company is a visionary who partners with an incredible team!  For our founding father, JR Ridinger, to speak each day, attend the event, and pour his heart into a business that he created 25 years ago shows me that I picked the right company! Reflecting back to other corporate events I have attended over the years, NEVER has the owner attended the event, much less speak for 7+ hours to help train us!
It doesn’t stop with JR.  Loren Ridinger, JR’s wife, delivered another unbelievable speech. She shared pure motivation on WHY we are worth it, WHY we can be destined for greatness.  Loren gives a no-nonsense approach which I admire.  For me, it was about stopping the excuses. It was about eliminating negativity, and, above all, going after what I want and never stopping until I reach it!
Quite frankly, her speech not only resonated with me as an entrepreneur but as a TLS Weight Loss Solution Coach.  During the 3 day event, I had the pleasure of meeting so many people from all over the world who have had weight loss success with TLS Weight Loss Solution and TLS supplements.  Similar to Loren’s speech, it was evident that these individuals stopped their excuses, eliminated the toxic people who wouldn’t support their weight management efforts and preserved!  Whether it was 10 pounds or 100 pounds lost, the passion, the excitement and the drive they had was hard to not notice.  The best part? They were all ready to share their story to inspire others!
As so many people mentioned, TLS Weight Loss Solution is the best program out there. Plus, the excitement around our newest product – TLS Trim Tea – has gotten people even more fired up!  At our TLS booth, we were giving away condensed versions of the new TLS Trim Tea Menu Plan. With thousands of people stopping by the booth, I couldn’t believe the testimonials they were sharing!  Some people mentioned significant weight loss while others mentioned they couldn’t believe the difference it made in inflammation.  Hearing stories like this, I know Market America developed another top-notch product.
We also featured shake samples of our TLS Nutrition Shake in chocolate as well as our new TLS Plant-Based Shake in vanilla.  For anyone that has never tried the shakes, I hope you loved them.  Take advantage of the great recipes using the TLS Shaking and Baking Recipe booklet found here!
I truly believe, whether it be weight management or growing the lifestyle of your dreams, we all have the power to succeed.  Sure – we all will have slip-ups, come across something or someone that may derail us from our true potential, but if we have a reason and a why then we will always come out on top.  I hope everyone has the opportunity to make their weight management and life-long dream a reality. I believe TLS Weight Loss Solution and Market America can help on that path!
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