TLS Tip: Mastering Mindful Eating

By: Debbie Lui 

We often underestimate the number of times we are in positions that require us to make food choices each day. While we think we’re making smart decisions, the truth is that many of us eat without thinking at all. It may come as a surprise to learn that “mindless” eating – it may be more commonly referred to as eating without awareness – can have negative health consequences! But, we know a few tips for stepping away from the mindless munching + mastering mindful eating.

Our fast-paced culture has turned eating into another event we have to squeeze into our day. But, when it comes to healthy eating, we not only need to pay attention to the foods we choose but also the cooking methods and eating environment. The mind-body connection plays a pivotal role in our ability to accurately assess hunger and fullness, so eating while multitasking or rushed negatively effects our ability to assess when we should stop eating.

Below are a few our favorite TLS Tips to help you master mindful eating:


Enjoy your food at a table

Studies have shown that eating in front of a TV or computer often causes us to eat more than when we are eating at our table.  Take the time to designate a space where you can eat without distraction and really savor the food you’ve put on your plate! [1]

Eat with your non-dominate hand

Studies showed that eating with your non-dominate hand helps with weight loss! This is because people tend to consume less than those who eat with their dominant hand.²   It also stems from the fact that using your non-dominant hand to eat forces you to eat food more slowly which allow the stomach to send the “I am full” signal to the brain. It also comes with the added benefit of consuming fewer calories and staying fuller longer than those who eat quickly!³

Start a Food Log

People who keep food journals are more likely to be successful in losing weight and keeping it off. It forces you to really look at what you’re choosing to eat and allows you to look back on those choices later. It can even help uncover tendencies you didn’t know you had such as stress eating! 4


Do you practice mindful eating? Tell us your top tips in the comments below!





Topic:  專注飲食貼士

By: Debbie Lui


我們每天需要做出食物選擇的次數多不勝數,而事實上我們都不會在進食前仔細思考。 在我們知道要注意之前,我們都已經進食過量了。要食得健康,不單只需要小心注意我們的食物選擇,還需要注意烹未煮的方式及進食的四周環境。




  • 許多人都喜歡在電視機前或觀看電影時食零食或正餐。 當你沒有留心進食的時候,你會更容易多食你所需要的食用份量。¹



  • 研究顯示,用不常用的那隻手進食有助於減重,因為他們比用常用的那隻手進食的人進食較小份量²。用不常用的那隻手進食時,會減慢你用手進食的速度,給胃部有充夠時間傳遞 “已食飽” 的信號到大腦。究而其他研究亦顯示進食速度較慢的人比進食速度快的人攝取較少卡路里及有較長飽肚感³。


  • 食物日誌
  • 研究發現,有寫紀錄食物日誌人更能有效成功減重並能保持體重數字。 你的日記可以讓你回顧你曾食過的食物,以作提醒避免暴飲暴食。4