TLS早餐推介TLS Approved Breakfast

By: TLS 授証教練Certified Trainer Kawae Cheung

食用份量: 1 人

Serves: 1 person



椰菜 半個

雲耳 少許

茶樹菇 少許

白飯魚乾 少許

竹笙 四條

北寄貝 兩隻

黑胡椒  ½茶匙

黑芝麻油  少許

薑      數少片

海鹽   少許





1)         將雲耳,竹笙,茶樹菇白飯魚乾先浸洗,然後同薑加入冷水一同放入煱內煮大約10分鐘。

2)         放椰菜,加入黑胡椒,黑芝麻油煮5分鐘,最後放上北寄貝關火。



Cabbage, half head

Black Fungus, a few

Tea Plant Mushroom, a few

Dried White Noodle Fish, a few

Bamboo Fungus, 4

SurfCalm, 2

Black pepper, ½ tsp

Black sesame oil, a few drop

Ginger slices, a few

Sea salt, dash


*Ingredient amount can be adjusted to suit personal preference.



  • Wash and rinse fungus, mushroom and noodle fish, and transfer to a pot, add ginger slices and water, boil for around 10 minutes.
  • Add in cabbage, black pepper, and oil, cook for 5 minutes, lastly add in surf calm, turn off heat.