TLS 蛋白松露朱古力 TLS Protein Truffle

By: Certified Coach Wan Ki Kong



碎燕麥 50克
燕麥糠 50克
無糖花生醬 45克
無糖芝麻醬 45克
榛果 15克
TLS 朱古力味高纖蛋白粉2.5匙
水 20亳升


  1. 把碎燕麥,燕麥糖,無糖花生醬及無糖芝麻醬拌勻。
  2.  加入TLS朱古力味高纖蛋白粉2匙及20ml水,拌勻後雪藏30分鐘。
  3.  取小塊放榛果搓圓狀,再舖滿TLS朱古力味高纖蛋白粉

1. 花生醬或芝麻醬成份越多,松露朱古力會越軟
2. 松露朱古力放入雪櫃可存放一星期


Processed sweets such as cake, chocolate and candy, can spike our blood sugar level, this is what we should avoid.

Today, we use TLS Nutrition Shake to make healthy version of Truffle Chocolate, it takes only an hour to make, for sure it will satisfy your hunger and cravings, is a good food choice for your weight loss plan, no more worries putting on extra fat!



Rolled Oats 50 g

Oat Barn 50g

Peanut Butter (no sugar added)

Sesame paste (no sugar added)

Hazelnut 15g

TLS Nutrition Shake- Delight Chocolate 2.5 scoop

Water 20mL



  1. Mix rolled oats, oat barn, peanut butter and sesame paste in a bowl.
  2. Add in nutrition shake and water, combine and place in fridge for 30 minutes.
  3. Take a small churck of dough, and place one nazelut in the center, and make it a ball shape. Roll dough ball over TLS Nutrition shake power.


  1. The more peanut butter or sesame paste added, the softer Truffle become.
  2. Truffle can be stored in the fridge up to 1 week.


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