TLS 21 Day Challenge 2019 – August Winners TLS 21日修身挑戰賽8月份優勝者

Thanks to all of you who participated in the TLS 21-Day Challenge Contest in August! We reviewed numerous entries, and the competition was fierce. Nothing could be better than seeing a better you and progressing towards a healthy lifestyle.

We are excited to announce our winners for August. For more information about the contest, please visit!

感謝參與8月份TLS 21日修身挑戰比賽的每一位參賽者!我們收到多位參賽者提交的資料,大部分比賽者的成績表現相當優異,競爭相當激烈。而看到你邁向更好的健康生活模式,是令我們最引以為傲。


Winner (Female) / 優勝者 (女子組): Michelle Chui

Weight lost/ 共減體重: 7.26 lbs

Fat% lost/ 共減脂肪比率:  3.3 %

CM lost /共減腰圍尺寸: 13.97 cm


Winner (Male)/ 優勝者 (男子組): Matthew Lai

Weight lost /共減體重 : 7.7 lbs

Fat% lost: / 共減脂肪比率: 7.7 %

CM lost/ 共減腰圍尺寸:  8 cm




*Results shown in this testimonial may varies between individuals. TLS® supplements are part of The TLS® Weight Loss Solution which includes a healthy diet and exercise.