By: Sue Pasqual

You’ve heard the old adage “knowledge is power”.  Well, it holds true for weight management and weight loss, too.  With so many tips, tricks, fads, and self-proclaimed experts out there, it is hard to know exactly what works but there’s one word that will always win that battle – science! TLS® Weight Loss is backed by those scientific findings which means we have plenty of helpful tools for weight loss success.

你已聽過古老格言:“知識就是力量”。對於體重控制和減重也是如此。 在市場上,有這麼多技巧,竅門,潮流和自封為減重專家,我們的確很難找出哪種有效,但當你看見” 科學”兩字,就知道這是可靠的! TLS®健康生活纖營計劃有科研的支持,代表著我們擁有許多有助於成功減重的有用工具。


TLS® (Transitions Lifestyle System) Weight Loss has so many resources to assist your transition into a healthier lifestyle.  We focus on sustainable habits and education so you can make healthy choices, and we’d never expect for you to do that alone! Here are some of the best (and my favorite) TLS® tools for weight loss success.

TLS®健康生活纖營計劃有眾多資源,可幫助你過渡到更健康的生活模式。 我們專注於可持續的習慣和教育,因此你可以做出健康的選擇,而且我們永遠不讓你一個自己實行! 以下是一些成功減重的最好的(也是我最喜歡的)TLS®工具。


The best resource? The TLS® Health Guide and Journal.  This health guide and journal is power-packed with information like how to:

  • Read labels
  • Boost metabolism
  • Stress and how it impacts your waistline
  • Eating for wellness
  • Overcoming plateaus
  • Sugars and substitutions
  • Alcohol and why it can wreak havoc on your journey

and much much more! We also have a journal with spaces to log food and water intake, exercise, daily goals, and even gives you some inspiration and helpful tips! If you are working directly with a Coach, it is advised to share your daily journaling with them either daily or weekly to ensure you are on track.  Plus, accountability always helps!

最好的資源? TLS®健康指南和日記。 此健康指南和日記包含許多資訊,例如:

  • 閱讀標籤
  • 促進新陳代謝
  • 壓力及其對腰圍的影響
  • 為健康而飲食
  • 克服平原期
  • 糖和替代品
  • 酒精及其為何會對你的減重過程造成嚴重破壞

還有更多! 我們也有一本日記,可以記錄食物和水的攝入量,運動,每日目標,甚至為你提供一些啟發和有用的提示! 如果你直接與Coach合作,建議每天或每週與他們共享你的每日日記,以確保你步入正軌。 另外,問責制總是有幫助的!

Another incredible TLS® resource is the website!  This site goes hand-in-hand with the TLS® Health Guide & Journal since they both offer education for each week of your journey.  If you are on week 3 of your journey, then both week 3 of the Health Guide and Journal AND the educational video on the site have the support to go along with it.

Not only does the site provide 12 weeks of educational videos (plus some bonus videos!) but it also provides hundreds of delicious recipes, a free weight loss profile, a BMI/Body Fat Percentage calculator and the ability to shop for your favorite supplements.  Need a little motivation? The site also has other success stories & a 10-minute workout to follow.

另一個令人難以置信的TLS®資源是hk.tlsSlim.com網站! 該網站與TLS®健康指南和日記緊密相連,因為它們都為你的減重旅程的每個星期提供教育。 如果你在減重的第3週,則《健康指南》和《日記》的第3週以及在hk.tlsSlim.com網站上的教育視頻都將得到支持。

該網站不僅提供12週的教育視頻(還有一些額外的視頻!),還提供數百種美味食譜,免費的減重資料,BMI /身體脂肪百分比計算器以及能夠購買你喜歡的補充品。 需要一點動力嗎? 該網站還提供其他成功案例以及10分鐘的鍛煉。


In addition to the website & journal, we also have plenty of support on our social media channels. We’re active on Facebook,  where you can find:

  • Recipes
  • Supplement Information
  • Lifestyle Tips
  • Inspiration
  • Community & Engagement

and more! Go ahead and give us a follow, then make sure you have us showing first in your feed so you have these resources right at your fingertips.


除了網站和期刊,我們還在社交媒體渠道上提供大量支持。 我們活躍在Facebook上,你可以在其中找到:

  • 食譜
  • 營養補充品資訊
  • 生活方式貼士
  • 靈感
  • 社區與參與

和更多! 繼續並給予我們關注,然後確保你首先在Facebook中顯示我們,這樣你就可以輕鬆掌握這些資源。

The above resources are just a few of our TLS® tools for weight loss success.  Once you dive into your journey, you will see just how easy it is to succeed and connect with others who will be there for you along the way. We hope you enjoy the site and journal as much as we do!

以上資源只是我們成功實現減重的TLS®工具中的一部分。 一旦你踏上了旅程,你將發現成功並與在途中將為你服務的其他人建立聯繫非常容易。 我們希望你像我們一樣喜歡這個網站和日記!