Enjoy The Holiday Without Gaining Weight 享受纖營假期

By Debbie Lui, Senior Officer – Health & Nutrition


With the most wonderful time of the year coming soon, office parties, gatherings with family and friends are all coming along, are you ready for the one of the biggest holiday feasts?


Despite of the joyful atmosphere, some might get frustrated for the holiday because it seems impossible to get through the seasons filled with delicious foods and treats without putting on some pounds.


With the eating tips we share with you below, surviving this holiday while keeping your waistline intact can be possible. Plan ahead before the holiday and develop strategies that can help you make the right food choices and keep your hunger in control. Share these tips with your friends and family today!


Eat before you arrive

The same rule as “don’t go shopping hungry” applies for parties, too. Before heading out for a party, eat something so you won’t arrive hungry. Eating at home gives you more control in choosing the right foods. TLS Nutrition Shake is an excellent pre-party drink or snack. Don’t forget to take the TLS Trim Café or TLS trim tea or a mix of both before the dinner to help curb your appetite.


「不要覺得餓才去買東西吃」也是適用於參加派對的減重原則,以減低飲食過量的機會。在參加聚會之前先吃點東西,這樣就不會感到太餓了,而在家準備食物更可以讓你好好控制自己,選擇合適的食物,例如TLS 高纖蛋白營養飲品就是一款絶佳的派對前飲品或小吃。不要忘記帶備TLS修身咖啡或修身茶,或自製一杯修身「鴛鴦」在聚會晚餐前沖飲,助你抑制食慾。


Prepare your own dishes

Prepare and bring your own healthy dish when visiting your family and friends. While you can enjoy something healthy at the party or dinner, you can also share your recipe with your loved ones! After all, a healthy dish can be delicious as well! Visit hk.tlsSlim.com if you need some ideas for healthy recipes!




Don’t afraid to say “No”

We all like to share foods with others. Don’t be afraid to say no to unhealthy food choices. Remember the purpose of the gathering is to spend quality time with your loved ones and not because of the eating. You can always let people know you are on a weight loss plan.




Don’t forget to exercise

We know that during the holiday seasons, we can get busy with all the celebrations, gatherings and shopping, and it might bet harder to squeeze in time for exercise. Taking a walk with your family after dinner or dancing at the party can help you burn some calories.




The leftovers

Whether you are the host or you are enjoying the party at your friend’s, be mindful of what you choose to keep or bring home. Keep temptation away from your eyesight as much as possible.




After all, the holiday season should be a time of celebration and relaxation. Eating healthy during the holiday can be anxious, if you happen to eat more than you planned, try to get back on track the next day by following the TLS healthy eating plan.