Wake Up This Weekend with TLS Whey Protein Pancakes

By Kristin Pulling, TLS Weight Loss Solution Product Manager

Growing up, devouring a massive pile of my dad’s amazing homemade pancakes was a Saturday morning tradition. My dad made the batter from scratch: a buttery, sugary, mouthwatering combination. I honestly don’t know everything in that batter, because the only thing I could focus on was eating as many pancakes as humanly possible, as quickly as possible.

The pancakes were always loaded up with butter and maple syrup. I would eat pancake after pancake, always leaving the table stuffed to the point I wanted to go back to bed. Not only was this weekly treat delicious, but the time I spent with my family over weekend breakfasts was precious.

Food has that emotional effect on us that, even as adults, we can’t seem to shake. Because last night, I developed a sudden craving for my dad’s famous pancakes. I don’t know what he even put in his pancake batter, but I knew that my healthy lifestyle would not agree with most of his recipe. I couldn’t stop thinking about his pancakes though, and I knew the craving wouldn’t go away until it was satisfied. My pantry was relatively bare but I had lots of fruits and veggies, eggs, almond milk, and of course TLS Whey Protein Shakes. Determined, I did a little Googling for protein pancake recipes that used the limited ingredients I had.

I ended up finding a couple awesome recipes, combined suggested ingredients and nixed ingredients I didn’t have on hand, to create my own healthier version of Dad’s famous flapjacks.

Ingredients: 2 egg whites; 2 pouches TLS Whey Protein (Vanilla Flavor); 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk; 1 banana;

Directions: Mash banana with fork, then add in egg whites – mix well; Add 2 packs of TLS Whey Protein (Vanilla Flavor); Add 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk – mix well; Set stovetop to low/medium heat and cook pancakes until golden brown.

Note: If the batter is a little thin for your taste, add more protein shake powder, or if you have them on hand, use some steel cut oats; Stevia can be added to sweeten batter.

These pancakes are extremely filling – I could not finish mine, but I sure did get close!

I would have to rate my pancakes a 7 out of 10. They definitely did the job of satisfying my craving. But did they compete with my dad’s Saturday morning pancakes? Not really, but it’s hard to compete!

Do you have a go-to healthy pancake recipe? If so, SHARE in the comments below.