Q&A: Larsa Pippen Talks ‘Fitness 15’ and New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

In addition to a dynamic career, Larsa Pippen‘s busy family life with husband and Hall of Famer, Scottie Pippen, includes keeping up with their four children: Scotty, Preston, Justin and Sophia. Despite her hectic schedule, however, Larsa still makes time for fitness!

Read on for further insight into Larsa’s passion for health, her all-new Fitness 15 workout series, exclusively for MeetON.com, and more!

1) How did you first develop a passion for fitness?

I’ve always have a passion for health and fitness. I believe that your body is your temple and you must nurture it to get the most mileage from it.

2) What inspired you to create the “Fitness 15” workout series?

I receive tons of correspondence from mothers inquiring about my workout regimen. After having four children, I know the how hard it is to get in shape. I was inspired to create a platform, Fitness 15, to help busy mothers achieve results without having to spend hours at the gym.

3) As an entrepreneur and mother of four children, what tips do you have for other busy moms with little time to spare for the gym?

Half of it if exercise the other half is dieting. Eat right and teach your kids about healthy and clean eating! It all begins in the kitchen.

4) With the start of a new year, many people resolve to finally meet their weight loss goals. What advice would you give someone to encourage them to stick to their New Year’s resolution?

Make sure the goals you set are realistic. Often times, we set ourselves up for disappointment by setting the bar too high. Start small and slowly increase your milestones, this way you have something to work towards.

5) Where can people follow you online to learn more about your fitness journey?

Follow me on social media or my fashion + health + lifestyle blog, #LifeWithLarsa on www.larsapippen.com. I provide health & workout tips as well as motivation that will inspire you to add more sets/ weight.

Thank you!

Click here to check out Larsa’s all-new Fitness 15 workout series on MeetOn.com, and stay tuned for the following shows: 

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