Top 5 Reasons to Become a TLS Coach

By Ana Alvarez

1)    Education & Experience
After attending a TLS Day 1/Day 2 Training you will be an expert on TLS, with in-depth knowledge and credibility. You will guide your clients to weight loss success and teach them how to Live the Lifestyle, because as a TLS Coach you’re living proof that Living the Lifestyle works!

2)    Grow your Business & Build Relationships
Helping others lose weight and feel great encourages the development of strong relationships, which is good for your business. Being a coach will also allow you to meet new people who can potentially become future partners.

3)    Keep your Health & Weight In Check
Becoming a coach will assist you in maintaining your health. With your education and knowledge of fitness trends and products — you’re sure to keep fit and in shape!

4)    Access to our Coaches Support Group on Facebook
This valuable support group enables you to interact with the TLS community, including other coaches. You can share information and tips with other members, and you’ll have your questions answered quickly. It also provides additional TLS support materials, which are downloadable for your convenience.

5)    Encourage & Motivate
Your top priority is your client and you will provide them with the best. You will help your clients see their successes, big and small, even when they don’t see them. You will be a positive influence and will help them change their lives forever. Being a TLS Coach is priceless!