Halloween Weight Gain

By: Sue Pasqual

The average person gains 8-12 pounds during the holidays – and that starts with Halloween Candy!  Did you ever wonder why there is so much Halloween candy lying around your office? It is because people do not want to eat it while they’re home.  But, what they forget to remember is that they spend more time in the office than at home! Sometimes just throwing it out is a better option.  You and your waistline will be thankful for not eating so much sugar!  One tip that many TLS coaches tell their clients is to purchase Halloween candy for the trick or treaters on October 31st and to be sure to buy the candy you dislike so you won’t be tempted.  Also, be sure to give those last trick-or-treaters enough so by the time you turn the lights off, you will be out of candy.  You may not be able to control your co-workers bringing candy into the office, but if you have your mind made up that you won’t eat any candy, you won’t!  Nothing is stronger than a made up mind.