Guest Blog: TLS 21-Day Challenge with Mary Rachford



Today we wanted to change up the pace a bit and introduce you to Mary Rachford.  Ms. Rachford is a physical therapist at FYZICAL Therapy and Balance Centers in Naperville, Illinois who uses our TLS products.  She was generous enough to take time out of her day to tell us about her experiences with the TLS products and Weight Management Solution.  Here is what she had to say:


I wrote previous blogs about how I always try products before we recommend them to patients.  Recently, I tried the 21-Day Challenge, and it was extremely beneficial for my waist line.  In the end, I dropped six pounds and lost four inches on our new healthy lifestyle system now offered at FYZICAL – Naperville. *


TLS Programs:

The 21 Day Challenge is a program through Transitions Lifestyle Solutions® (TLS®), which is a part of our advanced science-based nutraceuticals called nutraMetrix®.  We have been utilizing these products with great success for almost three years.  I went into the program with a friend of mine who was looking to improve her health.  It was very helpful to go through this with a partner, as we were able to text little comments back and forth or share recipes during the three weeks that we found to be helpful.

TLS is a weight management system that has been in place since 2005 and has scientific studies to back up the results.  It focuses on promoting healthy lifestyles.  The system itself is predicated on four factors:

  1. Low glycemic impact eating
  2. Body Composition
  3. Supplementation as needed
  4. Education (which is available either in book form, in person, or online).

There are several things that I appreciate about the TLS Weight Loss system.  What I really liked about the program is that you eat your own food and a lot of it! I was never hungry and even gained energy from the added nutrients I was putting in my body.   I never had to count calories or points; just monitor my servings.   It is a completely customizable system that is geared towards the motivation and the needs of the individual client.  A prospective client can take a weight loss profile either at the office (in paper form) or online.  Based on the responses on this form, the system will suggest several different alternative lifestyle programs.


TLS Products:

Clients can order the 21 Day Challenge Kit online.  It is even delivered right to your door with no shipping charges.  The kit costs $149.95 and contains the following:

  1. A Challenge Guide that explains how to implement the program
  2. A 30 serving supply each of Isotonix® products.  This contains a daily multi-vitamin and an antioxidant supplement known as OPC 3®.
  3. A 30-day supply of CORE, a specific TLS product that helps promote weight loss, may help manage hunger, and may help slow the absorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream*
  4. The NutriClean® seven day detoxification and cleansing system
  5. Two canisters of nutrition protein shakes in powder form. You receive both chocolate and vanilla, and both help to promote optimal body composition. * I have never been big on drinking protein shakes, but I must say these were both quite tasty. They really helped reduce the stomach growls that usually start with me around 10:00 and 3:00, and I have since kept up the habit of one shake a day. I even mixed it into other smoothies and recipes.

I also recommend my clients to order is a printed spiral bound manual entitled “Create Your Own Success, TLS Health Guide and Journal”, which costs $24.95. Research shows that any weight loss program is more successful when you document throughout the day what you are eating.  This journal provides spaces for this and also offers areas to log completed exercises and questions.  It provides 12 chapters of reading materials that teach you how to read labels, handle stress, improve metabolism and many other lifestyle skills that will help you become a healthier version of yourself in 12 weeks.  I really enjoyed logging things every day, and I am quite surprised if I can’t come up with a response to the prompt “one thing I did for myself today”.  Walking the dog and going to a child’s game do not count.


TLS Resources:

You can find a host of online TLS recipes found on Pinterest boards, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages which have over 61,000 followers.  These were fantastic resources for me as I was trying many different ways to prepare vegetables.

NutraMetrix also provides a free website as another great resource to assist with the process, and that can be found at


By: Mary Rachford


Have you tried TLS and want to share your TLS story? You should tell us in the comments and you might be featured on our blog!