Last Minute Tips: Healthy Eating for the Holidays


By: Debbie Lui   

Christmas is just around the corner, are you ready for all the gatherings, parties and family dinners? We know it is hard to eat healthily when you are surrounded by delicious meals and desserts. However, don’t let the holiday make your weight loss efforts goes into wastes. Here are some tips to help you stay on track during the holiday.

Make a shopping list

Making a shopping list before you leave the house not only saves you time and money, but you’ll be better prepared to make healthier choices!  Especially around the holidays, unhealthy treats line the aisles, and they do look tempting! But, having a list to stick to can help you stay on track and leave those tempting treats on the shelves. Simply focus on your list and avoid passing by the snacks + dessert aisle if you know that could derail your efforts.


Prepare your own dishes

Prepare and bring your own healthy dish when visiting your family and friends. While you can enjoy something healthy at the party or dinner, you can also share your recipe with your loved ones! After all, healthy dishes can be delicious as well!


Don’t be afraid to say “no”

We all like to share food with others, but that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to say no to unhealthy food choices. The purpose of all the gathering is to spend quality time with your loved ones, not the food. You can always take this chance to talk about the healthy changes you’re making in your lifestyle, and you might be surprised at the support you receive!


Bring your favorite TLS Shake

Bring along your TLS Shake, especially if you know you’ll be staying late at a friend or family member’s home. It is a delicious and nutritious on-the-go snack, and a healthier option when those leftovers start calling to you form the fridge! This doesn’t mean you have to stick to your regular TLS Shake either! There are a number of recipes that the family would love to try that use your TLS Shake to add a healthier component.



Do you have any eating advice or tips for the holiday? Share with us in the comment below.



Topic: 節日健康飲食小貼士

By: Debbie Lui







  • 堅持只買購物清單上的物品,這樣能幫助你維持在減重的正軌上。避免購買沒有寫在清單上的物件並避免走過零食或糖果的走廊。



  • 到訪家人或朋友家時,帶上自己準備的健康菜式。這樣你可以在派對或晚餐時能享用健康的食物同時,還可以和你最愛錫的人分享你的食譜!健康的食譜都可以是美味的!



  • 我們都喜歡和別人分享食物。不要害怕拒絕不健康的食物。記著,聚會的目的是花時間陪伴你最親的家人朋友,而不是吃喝玩樂。你可以跟他們分享你正在進行減重計劃。



  • 帶TLS 高纖蛋白營養沖飲一同外出。TLS沖飲是美味而有營養的小食。當你感到肚餓時,你便不需要為選擇什麼小食而煩惱。