TLS Tip: Top 10 Health Apps for the New Year

By: Amanda Belo 

According to a 2015 study, people who use exercise apps are more likely than those who do not to exercise during their leisure time. Researchers also found that these apps make it easier to overcome barriers to exercise. See our top 10 picks to help you #FindYourFit in 2018!

We want to help keep the momentum going if you’re starting off the new year focused on keeping your health in check! Tech-savvy or not, these recommended health and nutrition apps will change the way you think about taking charge of your wellness.

Physical and Mental Health

8fit (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
8fit focuses on making a long-term, personalized plan with your health goals in mind. You’ll get personalized nutrition guidance with nutritionist-designed recipes and an in-app shopping list. Users will also have access to High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout plans customized to fitness level.

Strava (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Runners and cyclists unite! Strava seeks to connect athletes all around the world to enhance their workout regimens. Coining themselves the “social network for athletes,” you are able to share your workout activities, photos, stories and highlights with others and vice versa. Features also include physical performance analysis and comparison over time and the ability to compete with others. Use your mobile phone, GPS watch or head unit, heart rate monitor or power meter with Strava. Users can also visit the Strava website, which provides training plans, route planning, activity breakdowns and more.

Nike Training Club (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Create your own fitness plan according to your fitness level and goals with the help of expert instructional guidance, and a library of workouts from Nike Trainers and athletes. The plan you create can also be adapted, so if you miss a day or reach your fitness peak, the app will adjust your plan accordingly. The Nike Training Club app is social, so share your workout milestones and connect with others.

5K Runner, Couch Potato to 5K (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Commit to this 8-week running plan that seeks to build your endurance up to running a 5K. Features alternating walk/run intervals, voice coach, music app compatibility, social media integration and more.

Daily Yoga (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Can’t make it to the yoga studio, or just want to save a little money? Daily Yoga lets you practice yoga on any device with programs, tutorials, classes, poses and asanas to get you started in your practice. The app also let’s you keep track of your progress and connects you with a community of other practicing yogis. Suitable for all levels.

Calm (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Alongside physical health, your mental health is important. If grounding and clear mind is what you need, Calm may be exactly what you need to de-stress. Mindfulness and meditation practice has been show to help with stress, anxiety and even sleep. This app features a variety of meditations that target life challenges. It’s great for beginners, but is also suitable for those more experienced.


Nutrition and Meal Planning

Lifesum (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Lifesum is a food and nutrition tracker that seeks to make “healthy living, simplified” on your health and weight loss journey. It features personalized diet and meal plans, nutrition advice and healthy recipes.  There’s also an in-app calorie counter to help you stay aware of what you’re eating and how much.

Fooducate (Free to download, Available on iTunes and Google Play)
Fooducate is exactly what it sounds like. The app looks at product nutrition panels and ingredient lists to reveal nutritional information so you can make more educated, healthy food choices. Fooducate also helps you personalize your experience by creating a health profile that includes desired weight loss rate, dietary goals and health conditions. Features include a barcode scanner to show personalized nutrition grade, integrated food and exercise tracker, a community forum, recipes, nutrition news and advice, and more.


What health + fitness apps are you using to #FindYourFit in 2018?? Tell us in the comments below!