TLS Tip: Healthy Ingredient Swaps

By: Debbie Lui       

Eating healthily doesn’t need to be tasteless and boring! There are many ways to make your recipe healthier with a few slight modifications like changing the cooking method or substituting ingredients. It’s easy to get lost in the maze of information online, so below are some of our favorite go-to swaps to make your dishes as healthy as they are delicious!


Try using herbs and spices such as basil, thyme or garlic powder to replace salt for all of the health and flavorful, but less sodium! Not only is this great for your heart, but it will help avoid the dreaded water retention that makes the number on the scale jump up!



If you are craving a crispy snack, kale chips can definitely satisfy that desire! We love the because kale chips provide you with loads of nutrients and antioxidants, such as vitamin A and K1! Compare that to any bag of potato chips, and you’ve got a clear winner.


Salad Dressings

Not all salad dressings are high in calories and unhealthy. Balsamic vinaigrette is a great go-to if you need something to top off a bowl of your favorite veggies and lean protein! It is made up of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and herbs which allows room for flavor with fewer calories than creamy dressings. It is definitely one of our favorites!


White Rice

Quinoa has made a name for itself as one of the most popular superfoods in America!  It provides you with loads of nutrients, including protein, omega 3 and fibers2. Quinoa is also low in Glycemic Index, making it a great substitution for white rice in your favorite rice-based dishes!


Ice Cream

Do you know that mashed frozen banana has a similar texture to ice-cream? This natural, healthy and nutritious treat contains no-added sugar or additives, and contains the same nutrients as a banana! You can even mix in your favorite TLS Shake for some added protein and top it off with nuts, coconut, or fresh fruit to make a perfect nighttime treat.



Remember, weight management isn’t about eating less, but eating right. Our main site, Facebook, and Instagram pages all contain many different recipes with the ingredients  mentioned above, check them out and share with your friends and family today!




Do you have any healthy food swaps? Share with us in the comments below!








By: Debbie Lui








  • 嘗試使用香草和香料,如羅勒,百里香或大蒜粉來代替鹽,使你的一餐變得更健康,美味但少鈉。



  • 如果你想食一些酥脆可口的零食,羽衣甘藍片一定可以滿足你想要的。更加好的是它提供你豐富的營養成分和抗氧化物,如維生素A和K1



  • 並非所有的沙律醬都是高卡路里和不健康的。由橄欖油,香醋和香草製成的黑醋比一般的白沙律醬含更低的卡路里。這是其中用來配沙律的一個健康選擇。



  • 藜麥是最近流行的超級食物之一,它含有不同的營養素,包括蛋白質,奧米加3和纖維2!藜麥亦是屬於低升糖指數的食物,是代替白飯的好選擇。



  • 你知道壓爛經冷凍至硬身的香蕉跟一般的雪糕的口感非常相似嗎?這種既天然、健康又不含添加糖及添加劑的甜品,並含有香蕉的所有營養!