Recipe: Creamy Raspberry Shake

By: Debbie Lui  

Be creative this spring by taking advantage of food options other than salads and barbeque!  If you are looking for something refreshing and healthy to add to your recipes, a summery TLS Shake is always a good option!  Surprise your taste buds with the refreshing zing of berries coupled with the creamy vanilla flavor you know + love in this TLS Creamy Raspberry Shake!

Greek yogurt contains relatively low sugar content as compared to regular yogurt, plus the additional protein! The tangy flavor goes great with the sweet vanilla + crisp flavors in this raspberry shake. Give it a try!

Serves: Makes 2 servings

Prep Time: 5 Minutes


  • 1 cup frozen raspberries
  • 1 cup plain fat-free Greek yogurt
  • 2 Scoops TLS Nutrition Shake –Vanilla


  • Mix 2 scoops of nutrition shake with one cup of water
  • Combine until well mixed
  • Add raspberries and yogurt, mix until smooth


Top with more fruit crushed almonds, or lemon zest to give it your own touch!



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By: Debbie Lui


預備時間:5 分鐘


春天的食物不單單只有沙律,水果和燒烤,可以非常多采多姿。如果你正在尋找一些健康又清爽的食譜,你可以嘗試一下製作奶昔!利用TLS高纖蛋白營養飲品,可以製作出可口的奶昔,震奮你的味蕾。以下給你介紹一個紅桑子乳酪奶昔食譜!希臘乳酪與一般的乳酪相比,希臘乳酪含有較低的糖分,而且它是的一個很好的蛋白質選擇加入奶昔中! 這個週末嘗試這個食譜,並與你的朋友和家人分享!




  • 1杯冷凍紅桑子
  • 1杯脫脂希臘乳酪
  • 2匙TLS高纖蛋白營養飲品-雲尼嗱味



1)將一勺營養奶昔與一杯水混合。 混合直至完全結合。