3 Common Excuses Not to Workout & How to Beat Them

By: Tayler Glenn

So the workday is over, you’re headed home with every intention of pulling into the gym parking lot, but the comfort of your couch is calling you home.  You’ve had a long day, so you find yourself saying “tomorrow” for the third time this week.  Despite knowing how good it is for us, it’s so easy to come up with an excuse to skip a day…or three. Often times, we are our own worst enemy but we don’t have to be.  Keep reading to find 5 of the most common excuses and ways to beat every single one of them!

Excuse: “I’m too tired to exercise.”

Long workdays, kids, and an always-growing to-do list can leave you feeling so drained that the gym just feels impossible.  Many times, especially for those working at desks most of the day, the fatigue is stemming from a mental and emotional exhaustion that leaves us feeling tired and negative at the end of the day.  As it turns out, going to the gym when you’re feeling negative and tired is actually great for you! You’ll probably even feel more energized and more upbeat after your workout! “Working out is almost paradoxical. It can make your muscles physically tired, but you’ll actually feel more energized from it. Once you start sweating,”  explains Jarrod Spencer, Psy.D., sports psychologist explains, “your body will start releasing neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and natural endorphins that will make you feel better.”

Try setting a few reminders on your phone or recruiting a friend to help keep you on track!


Excuse: “I don’t have time to workout”

We know the responsibilities of your day seem to be a step or two ahead sometimes, but that’s just another reason to be sure to set time aside to take care of yourself!  If you find you’re telling yourself “I’ll do it tomorrow” for the third day in a row, maybe that Target run can wait until tomorrow instead.  Here are a few ways to block out time in your schedule for your workout:


  • Create a time to workout instead of finding it.  Set aside the same chunk of time 3-4 times per week whether that be right before or after work, during your lunch break, or later in the evening after the gym rush has passed.
  • Skip the gym and opt for a run or walk! Going to the gym can definitely be time-consuming, especially when you add in the drive, waiting for machines, and showering afterward.  The great thing about running or walking is that you just need to grab your shoes & go!
  • Create an at-home gym.  This is a great option for those who may not live close to a gym or just don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others quite yet!  By buying weights or bands for home use, you create a low-pressure environment for you to learn and explore workouts you may not have tried in a gym.  Just be sure to be cautious, know good form, and ask a friend to spot you if you’re lifting heavy.


Excuse: “I’m a full-time parent. There isn’t a break from the kids.”

Being a parent takes full-time to a whole different level.  Kids are adorable, but there is an amazing amount of time and effort that goes into taking care of them.  Parents may need to get more creative when it comes to finding ways to stay fit as creating time may not be as feasible.


For younger kids, try securing them in a stroller and heading out for a jog or brisk walk! You have plenty of learning opportunities outside, plus it’s always good to get outside when the weather is nice.  If you have toddlers or school-aged children, try taking them to the park for a tag or schoolyard game that you can participate in with them! They’ll love having you join, you’ll feel great after being active, and it’s a great way to create summer memories before school starts back up again.

There are also plenty of workouts online that offer at-home workouts with your kids if you need a little help getting creative.


What are ways you motivate yourself to hit the gym after a long day?? Share your answers in the comments below!




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