Simple Office Exercise in 5 Minutes《五分鐘辦公室簡易運動》

By: TLS授証教練Tommy Cheung




可以每天進行,五個動作為一組,每組可順序左右各做三次,每個動作保持10 – 15秒。


Do you feel sore back when sitting at your desk for a long period of time? Are your legs and hips feeling a bit numb?

If sitting with a wrong posture at your computer desk more than 45 minutes, your spine curve will lean forward, giving pressure to the third lumbar vertebrae which causes you pain. In addition, when staying seated for a long time makes our upper body weight goes to our hips area, leading poor blood circulation in legs, thus numbness occurs.


Today, I would like to share a set of stretching exercise in 5 minutes which you can easily perform in office, helping you to release the above symptoms.

You can do this set of stretching everyday, a set contains 5 different poses, repeat each side of the body three times, hold postures for 10 to 15 seconds.


  1. 伸展前臂(伸肌)Forearm Stretching 

左手伸直,但不超伸,手指指向下。右手把左手五隻手指包好,輕微加力。Straighten left hand, fingers pointing down. Wrap left hands with the right, gently give pressure.

  1. 伸展胸肌及二頭肌 Chest and bicep stretching

十指緊扣,雙手向後伸直,微微向上。Interlock fingers behind, straighten both hands, and lift hands gently.

  1. 伸展臀部 Hip stretching 

右腳放在左腳大腿上,保持平衡。Place right legs on left thigh. Keep Balanced.

  1. 伸展後大腿 Hamstring stretching

右腳伸直,尖腳。Straighten right leg, point toe.

  1. 伸展小腿 Calf Stretching

右腳伸直,勾腳。Straighten right leg, toe pointing upward.


  1. 每個伸展動作,只要感到有輕微拉扯的感覺已經足夠;
  2. 進行伸展動作時,頭部高於心臟,保持呼吸;
  3. 請使用安全的椅子進行。


  • Don’t over-stretch, give slight pressure for each posture.
  • When stretching, keep heart level below head, keep breathing regularly.
  • Use a safe and steady chair for above exercise.