21 Days Testimonials 21日修身挑戰成功個案

What does 21 day mean to you, 21 days can be a long vacation, or it can be a chance to build or break a habit, it also can be a chance for a makeover.

21日對於你有什麼意思呢?21日可以是一長假期,可以是一個建立或改變習慣的機會, 亦可以是一個悅變的時機。

Alex chose to spend the 21 days for the TLS 21 days challenge, in a short period of time, he successfully lower his body fat from 25% to 23%! These photos prove everything! Alex looks convincing in the after photos. The 21 days challenge didn’t seem hard to Alex, he was able to enjoy the foods he likes whiling dropping fat mass and increasing muscle mass! Alex exclaimed: It was an easy and pleasant journey, and I don’t need to stay hungry to lose weight!”

Alex 選擇用21日的時間挑戰21日修身計劃,在短短時間內成功將體脂由25%下降至23%, 照片就是最好的證據,減重後體型變得更有線條。這個21日挑戰對Alex來說似乎相當輕鬆,他可以在享受喜愛的食物同時,減少體脂及增加肌肉! Alex表示:過程很愉快自在,完全不用捱餓!


Before/ 前:


Alex has Found “His” Fit, it is your chance to start your 21 days challenge!

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Alex 已經成功挑戰21日修身挑戰, 你又幾時開始挑戰?

立即上 hk.tlsSlim.com 開始你的21日修身挑戰!

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