TLS 21日修身挑戰成功實証 TLS 21 Days Challenge Success Story

Danny had lost 12lbs, 2.9% body fat and 9 cm on his waist over the 21 days. See how amazing he looks now! Despite of his busy working schedule and dramatic changes in eating habits, nothing can stop Danny to succeed in his TLS 21 Day Challenge. With low glycemic impact eating, exercise and TLS supplements, Danny proves that nothing is impossible!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.

Danny has Found “His” Fit, are you ready to find yours?

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在21天內,Danny減去了12磅體重,2.9%脂肪及9厘米腰圍。 看看他現在看起來多麼纖型! 儘管他工作繁忙,飲食習慣有180度轉變,但沒有什麼事可以阻止Danny成功挑戰TLS 21日挑戰!配合低升糖飲食,運動和TLS補充品,Danny證明了沒有什麼是不可能的!





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