Tips on Reading Nutrition label 閱讀標籤秘訣

By: Debbie Lui


Learning how to read nutrition label can help you to make healthier food choices. Nutrition labels might seem simple, but some of us find nutrition label confusing and complicated. The secret to reading nutrition label is to know what you are looking for. Being aware of calories can help you navigate making healthier choices, however in TLS, calories isn’t calories, TLS doesn’t advocate counting calories. It is the quality of foods you eat that are important; especially when you are eating out. We have listed out the main 5 points that you need to pay attention to when reading a nutrition label. These tips will help you to understand nutrition label and make health food choices with ease!


1) Serving Size
– Know your serving size to ensure you are only taking one serving or that you are not consuming more than you needed to. This information can be found at the top of the label, and it tells you the total number of servings per package as well.


– 看清食用份量,以確保你只食用一份或不超過你需要的食用份量。這個資訊可以在標籤的頂部找到,它亦會告訴你每個包裝共含多少食用份量。

2) Fat
– Look for foods that contains less than 5 grams of total fat (except for the good fat). Low fat food (contain less than 3 grams per serving) would be an ideal healthier food choice.


– 選擇含有少於5克總脂肪的食物(除好脂肪外)。低脂肪食物(每份含量少於3克)是理想的健康選擇。

3) Carbohydrate
– In this section, you will find both sugars and dietary fiber. Pay attention to the sugar content, choose foods with 5 grams of sugar or less. Beware of added sugars. This information on nutrition labels will help you discern whether there is naturally occurring sugar in a food (like milk sugar in dairy products) or whether there are added grams of sugar to sweeten food. Dietary fiber is another element you should look for, the higher the fiber content, the slower that food will break down, keeping you full longer. We would look for foods that contain 5 or more grams.


– 在這個部份包含糖和膳食纖維。注意食物的含糖量,選擇5克或更少糖的食物。並注意是否有添加糖。這些在營養標籤的資訊能幫助你辨別食物中是否存在天然存在的糖(如乳製品中的乳糖),或者是否添加了糖的甜食。膳食纖維是另一要注意的部份,纖維含量越高,食物分解的速度就越慢,讓你感覺更飽肚。選擇含有5克或以上膳食纖維的食物。

4) Protein
– Looking at this section helps to figure out how many servings you need to meet your daily protein intake.


– 查看此部分有助於計算你的食用份量以滿足蛋白質所需。

5) Sodium & Cholesterol
– For some individuals, they might need to pay attention to their sodium and cholesterol consumption. Unless your healthcare provider has specifically advised to go low on sodium or cholesterol, you don’t have to completely avoid these nutrients, in fact sodium and cholesterol take an important role on the body functioning


– 對於某些人,他們可能需要注意鈉和膽固醇攝取。除非你的醫療人員特別建議減少攝取鈉或膽固醇,否則你不必完全避免這些營養素,實際上鈉和膽固醇對身體機能起著重要作用。


Remember, the best food choices have no nutrition label! Fresh fruit and vegetables are great nutritious and healthy options!


If you would like to learn more about reading nutrition label, visit and click on the “How to read labels” video.

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