Talking The Talk, Walking The Walk


Here in America, the world of sports has grown every year, with millions of people given the chance to watch their idols battling for victory. In this world, fans are feeding more than their frenzy—at football games, typical tailgating means burgers, beer and brats; baseball has its traditional peanuts and Cracker Jacks, and the list goes on.  Like the sports they cheer for, spectators are growing wider as well.

Imagine how it must be to actually live and work in that world. That was the position that radio personality Julie Buehler found herself in just a few months ago before deciding to take up the TLS Find Your Fit 2013 Spring Challenge.

“I host a daily sports talk radio show in southern California, and am surrounded by bad food choices—nachos, hot dogs, beer and bar food—and pressure to over-consume for the sake of entertainment. I needed to train my co-workers and friends, as much as myself, to redefine ‘fun’ and understand my goals of weight loss were not mutually exclusive from ‘being myself’.

“And that was the best part! My listeners LOVED my decision to do what’s best for me and still prove we can have fun doing so!”

Julie did much more than just talk about healthy choices. Over the course of 12 weeks, this sports radio host cleaned up her eating, put in her weekly workouts and dropped over 20 pounds and 18 inches!

As Julie phrases it: “Most ‘diets’ cram you into a state of self-deprivation that creates stress—like anyone needs THAT—and an unsustainable life. For my radio show, I need to be full of energy, fun and life, and can’t let some ‘diet’ cramp my personality. So I scoured the globe for solutions, and when I was introduced to TLS, EVERYTHING clicked! This program transformed my body, my mind and my life when I just thought I wanted to drop some weight.”

Julie’s testimony offers proof that no matter what circumstances surround you, making the right choices for yourself—one meal, one workday, or one special event at a time—can carry you through. More than that, her outstanding results speak for themselves and are truly broadcast worthy!