Welltrim® iG + TLS® Trim Tea: What You Need to Know

By: Sue Pasqual

Did you know that half of Americans drink tea daily? How about that, of the 50% of Americans, about 80% of the tea that is consumed is of the black variety? Well, that’s definitely no surprise to me!  It includes a number of benefits, which is why we’re so excited about the upcoming release of the TLS® Trim Tea!

Black tea is full of healthy polyphenols, also called antioxidants, that can help protect your cells from DNA damage. Our new TLS® Trim Tea is an amazing black tea supplement that offers those benefits!  It can be mixed with either hot or cold water to suit both the temperature and your preferences, plus it tastes great!

But, what makes the TLS® Trim Tea different than the other detox + slimming products on the market is the extract we use called Welltrim® iG.  This part of our formula is a patented, thermogenic ingredient from the African Mango that represents a new approach to weight loss + weight management.  How do we know?

The Study:

In a 10-week + placebo-controlled study conducted in Cameroon, researchers recruited 120 participants. The group was randomly divided in half and, of the 120 participants, half received 300mg of Welltrim.  The other half received a placebo.  They were asked to take their prescribed pill 30-60 minutes before lunch and dinner for 10 weeks.

The Results:

At the beginning, there were no significant differences found in the weight of the 120 participants recruited for the study.  By the end, however, the same was not true.  Significant changes were found in body weight, circumference, and body fat percentages. The Welltrim® group lost 28 pounds, decreased their body fat by 6.3%, waist by 6.7″, fasting blood sugar by 22.5%, cholesterol by 26%, and LDL by 27%!

What it means:

Based on recent study results, Welltrim® iG has successfully helped reduce body weight, body fat, and waist circumference over time.  The new TLS® Trim Tea will include this well-researched ingredient to target satiety, appetite control, and metabolic balance. Welltrim®  is a kosher certified, Hala certified, and natural three-pronged approach to weight loss that now comes in a convenient + portable package! Enjoy the great taste of one of America’s favorite drinks and lose weight, too!



WellTrim Study