5 Ways to Balance Vacation and Fitness

by Desa Wells

Enjoying vacation while sticking to your fitness plan doesn’t mean you have to spend an hour in the gym while your friends are on the beach, or that you have to sneak out for a run before the sun comes up. Work these five simple tips into your vacation routine to keep your body moving while your mind slows down.

1. Whether you’re surrounded by waves or city lights, enjoy your destination. Play a game of Ultimate Frisbee on the beach or roam the shops and museums of New York City.

2. Near a pool? Challenge your most competitive friend to different types of swimming competitions or do some dips on the pool’s steps.

3. Participate in karaoke night. No, you don’t have to sing, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get up and dance!

4. Pack a lunch and relax. For a long day in the sun, you’ll need to keep your body satisfied. Hauling beach chairs and a cooler of water and snacks through the sand will get your muscles burning and keep your waistline trim.

5. Shop ‘til you drop. Stash enough extra cash into your vacation fund to transform your new wardrobe into DIY free weights.

What’s your favorite way to balance vacation and fitness?