XO醬帶子伴椰菜花 Scallops with Cauliflower and XO Sauce

TLS餐單遠不止於西式食譜,中式美食一樣能助你達致控制體重的效果。以下介紹一個簡易又美味的中式食譜,將它收錄在你的個人TLS 食譜中,也可以與家人朋友一起分享。
TLS dishes do not limit to western cuisine, they are be incorporated into Chinese dishes as well, which can have the same weight management result. We want to introduce you to a simple and delicious Chinese recipe. You can share it with your friends and family as well.

📈食譜適合的TLS計劃 Corresponding TLS Program
穩定進步計畫 SURE & STEADY

🥣份量 Servings
2 – 3人person

🥗食材 Ingredients

急凍帶子 Frozen Scallop 8 隻pcs
椰菜花 Cauliflower 650 克g
XO醬 XO Sauce 1 湯匙tbsp
蒜蓉 Minced Garlic 2 茶匙tsp
薑 Ginger 5 片slices
鹽 Salt ½ 茶匙tsp
糖 Sugar 1 茶匙tsp
橄欖油 Olive Oil 適量appropriate

👨‍🍳做法 Method

  1. 燒熱油放蒜蓉薑片爆香
    Sauté the minced garlic and sliced ginger with oil.
  2. 再落XO醬轉慢火拌勻
    Add XO sauce. Turn to low heat and mix everything well.
  3. 放帶子快炒再放椰菜花、鹽、糖
    Add in the scallop and cauliflower, stir-fry quick. Add in salt and sugar.
  4. 放小量水,用大火快炒
    Add in a small amount of water and stir-fry with high heat for a short while.

📋: TLS Certified Trainer Helen Lin & Luk Ka Wai