4 Tips to Stay On-Track 保持正軌4要訣

By: Sue Pasqual

Holidays are the time of year we get together with friends & family and to catch up on everything that the past year has brought. With that comes plenty of food & drink! That means more of a chance to stray away from our healthy habits. Not to worry – there’s absolutely a way to enjoy the season’s festivities with these tips to stay on-track.

  • Be sure to ALWAYS fit in fitness.
    I realize this time of year gets busy with Holiday get-togethers and holiday shopping, but there’s no reason to put your goals last. Consider working out earlier in the day if you won’t have time that evening! Yeah, I know no one wants to get up earlier during the cold winter months – but, you will NEVER regret a workout! In fact, exercising earlier in the day helps your body burn more calories throughout the day and tends to keep your eating in check!
  • Journal your food AND your upcoming goals.
    Nothing is more powerful than a made-up mind. If you write down your goals and track your daily progress to help you get there, you’ll be less likely to fall off track.
  • Meal prepping is a big help, too.
    When we get busy, it’s easy to grab something on the go.  If you must do that, be sure to journal it and to order as healthily as you can.  There are healthy alternatives everywhere, but preparing your meals is always the best bet.  Consider cooking in bulk that way you can just grab and go!
  • Be flexible.
    If you are living a healthy lifestyle and are at or close to your goal weight, give yourself a little wiggle room! Eating flexibly means following your guidelines, and fitting in foods that are not typically on the menu in manageable portions. For example, say you’re invited to 3 holiday parties in next week. Take some time to consider when you’ll be splurging and how you’re going to make that fit into your week!




  • 每天保持運動

我們知道每年這個時候都忙於穿梭聚會與選購禮物之中,但沒必要將你的目標放到最後。如你晚上沒有時間,考慮在早上進行運動!我們明白沒有人想在寒冷的天氣下早起,但運動絕不會讓你後悔! 其實,早上運動可讓你整天消耗更多卡路里,並較能控制飲食!

  • 記錄您的食物和未來目標


  • 自備餐膳


  • 靈活變通